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logitech g27 wheel is center deconfigured


When I make an abrupt or long fast turn, the centrality of the logitech g27 wheel is deconfigured and I have to restart so that it is recalibrated only correctly. I also use 4 more simulators and it only happens with Dirt4 and with Dirt Rally. I have the settings of the logitech profile so that it is the game that sets the parameters.

Is there any solution?



  • PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
    Do what I did. Don't even bother starting the profiler. Configure whatever you want via start > devices and printers > right click G27 Racing Wheel > game controller settings > properties.

    Never had any problems. I find the profiler quite useless in fact.
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  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    I find the profiler quite useless in fact.
    There are a couple of things for what it's useful.

    You can bind keyboard keys to your wheel (for instance, in Live for Speed some things are only on keyboard and can't be bound via the game (like you can change the camera only by pressing V and you can't bind wheel buttons to it) or if you wan't some things to be double bound - like in Assetto Corsa you can't assign two buttons for upshift on the wheel (shifter and paddle), but you can assign parallel keyboard buttons for the same thing, so you bind the kb button to some whell button via the profiler)

    This might be even more useful and it applies not just for racing games - some games don't go well together with separate pedal axis and if they detect them, they either start moving the character or the menus are endlessly scrolling unless you press the throttle halfway. In this case you can make a profile for that particular game so every time you launch it, it changes pedals to combined. Without the profiler you would have to change them manually each time or unplug the wheel
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  • NucleorionNucleorion Member New Car Smell
    Thanks porkhammer!

    I closed the profiler logitech but it remains the same. As soon as I go a bit on the side skidding, the steering wheel begins to de-center. When I go to windows it is still off center and I have to recalibrate it or disconnect it and connect it again. It only happens to me with the Dirt.

  • AllalinAllalin Member New Car Smell
    Hi there

    I would like to share a wheel feedback problem as well, looking for some help. I am using a Logitech G29.
    When I play racing games on PC, it all works fine. Always using Logitech Gaming Software prior entering a game.
    But when I play Dirt 4 (for example) on PS4, the wheel behaves completely different. As soon as the game starts, the wheel becomes totally loose, no weight at all. I played around with all the feedback options in game. Most of them are working, but it seems impossible to install some kind of centering force, so that the wheel would have some weight and would not feels loose. Unfortunately, PS4 does not have something like Logitech Gaming Software.

    Has anyone already experienced the same issue? Looking forward to your answers, cheers!
  • NucleorionNucleorion Member New Car Smell
    Finally I have a phisyc problem with my wheel. I press screw of encoder and then works fine
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