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Game crashing all the time

Hi, when I try to drive in any race, my game crashes. I tried to reinstall and it haven't helped. What can I do?


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    Platform? Assuming PC....

    Windows updates, drivers, installation routine then reboot. No Steam issues, can play other games?

    Specs would be useful.
    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
  • misiukolamisiukola Member New Car Smell
    I'll try. I play on pc and other steam games work perfectly.
  • misiukolamisiukola Member New Car Smell
    Which drivers should I update? I'm not good at things like this.
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    Graphics and sound try dxdiag                  
    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
  • Alexandr26Alexandr26 Member New Car Smell
    Hi! I have same problem. F1 2017 crashes and closes after every sessions (race, quali, practice). I wasn't having this problem a month ago and earlier. Help me please.
  • misiukolamisiukola Member New Car Smell
    I've updated drivers, but game still crashes.
  • SfinSfin Member New Car Smell
    Sorry Im new to the type of forum so if I am asking for help in the wrong category I apologize..
    I currenty have the F1 2017 Special Edition for Xbox One/Go 500GB. I'm having a game crash issue myself. I am currently in career mode just finished Mexico ( Mclaren) In the laptop mode when I use the RB button to toggle thru to the .Engine management. ( with the wrench as the icon) once I try to select that menu it restats the game completely over as if I pushed a reset button..
    Have tried replacing batteries eun it off usb cable, turned off , removed disk, reinstall but notta.
    Ive never experienced a situation where the game itself can do this, not being a consolr or controller issue....
    I have a few other issues as well like flickering of achievement screen and when contract offers offered cannot actually see any of the offers...
    I have the game on my android anx issuea there too..Whats up code masters.You guys normally rock..What is going on now?
    Anyhow, would be greatful for a bit of help..I bought the xbox one only for this game. The game is awesome but paying $400. Bucks in total ( xbox, game and specific tv strickly to accommodate the game and system is now beginning to bother me..
    Hopeful for a solution..
    again thanks

  • JhowRDJhowRD Member New Car Smell
    I have a similar problem. My F1 was working fine until today. I've done the qualify session for the Bahrain GP and when I was going to the race the game crashed. Now when I try to enter the career mode I have the same problem. I have the steam version of the game and the other games are running fine.
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