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Elite racing

adamhall1240adamhall1240 Member New Car Smell
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We are currently looking for new drivers to join are RACING LEAUGE. We currently have 13 main drivers up to now. and new drivers are asked to join a try out race before official spots will be given. We aim to provide a fair and equal opportunity for everyone to have a clean race and enjoy there time on F1. We also are going to strive to have a F1 channel on YouTube. If you are interested in joining this please either contact the following admins. A_LAD 
You will be able to message one of these players through the ps network .
We will also have a Facebook page set up and all footage will be uploaded to that for reviewing of incidents.
All setting and rules will be laid out closer to the first race which we hope to lunch on 

We are also hoping to use this as preparations for the launch of the new F1 game by which point we hope to have a well established league.

We will also be sending the winner a trophy with the name on it. 

Many thanks 

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