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Am I the only one unable to connect to Racenet service on Xbox One?

Hi everyone, 
I've been desperately trying to connect to racenet since 2 days whereas it has been working more than fine since the last 3 years. No changes on my internet on NAT config, I can play on other platforms such as Project Cars and my internet on Xbox isn't complaining of any NATing issue. Do you know if the Racenet servers are down at the moment? I'm located in Ireland. 


  • SKELITOR117SKELITOR117 Member New Car Smell
     Same here. Day two and it's not working. Live in California myself.
  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion

    I think RaceNet has a long history of issues & unavailability.

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  • krmobilkrmobil Member New Car Smell
    I have the same problem in Dirt Rally. It works in Dirt 4.
  • koogrally2003koogrally2003 Member New Car Smell
    Same problem with the Oculus Rift and today is the 9th of April. What is Codemasters doing ??!?!?!
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