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Onrush lootboxes.

edited March 26 in Onrush General Discussion
Do you guys realy want it so the only progression in the game is through lootboxes? Feel like they are trying to push on a addiction to lootboxes/gambling...


  • arookCMarookCM Community Manager
    Hi @HENNINGHK! - That's not how progression will work in ONRUSH at all. Progression in ONRUSH will be variable based on skill. There's a levelling up system and everytime you level up you're well rewarded. It's also worth noting that the open beta in May will be used to collate data to ensure that everyone is levelling up at the optimal rate :smile:
  • jayp666jayp666 Member Wheel Nut
    Sorry but you shot yourself in the foot the second I saw there was lootboxes, I've hit the cancel button on my preorder. I will Never Ever buy a game with lootboxes no matter how much interested I am. I condemn these anti consumers practices. 
  • Oscar97Oscar97 Member Wheel Nut
    Anti consumer because you can't put a hat on your character?
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