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Introducing Faya - Developer Liaison for F1 Games



  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Petrol Head
    Does the F1 license only allow the current season to be included in a game? F1 2015 had the 2014 season too I recall.

    I just wonder if a product like EA's F1 Challenge 99-02 might ever be possible, where you can play through several years. Or whether the license forbids that?

    Oh yeah, secondly, might we ever see support series included with the game? I know that'd require more licensing though!
  • ihaycheeseihaycheese Member New Car Smell
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    @Faya that's a shame to hear because I think most can agree that F1 2013 was at least the second best F1 game to date behind F1 2017, if not the best F1 game, everything about the main game itself was great, plus the classic cars. And if it was backwards compatible then it would give us the ability to switch between F1 '17 and F1 '13 to play with all the classic cars in the F1 games. I would suggest looking into it because I think a lot of us would appreciate being able to play that F1 game again on a new console as it was a classic.
  • carpacarpa Member Race Engineer
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    Nice to see you onboard @Faya! Good luck ;)
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  • JZ3RacingJZ3Racing Member New Car Smell
    Hello Faya, welcome back! :smile:

    Here's what I'd like to see implemented into F1 2018 and/or future projects.

    It would be nice if you could get away with designing your driver suit to have your number, name and nationality like the drivers do. But what I really want is to customize our helmets. I think Dirt 4 is a great example for it. But instead of making a car we get a plain helmet to design and let us pick the sponsors and design for it. It would be relatively easy, when it comes to sponsors just give us the ones that correlate to the team you are with. I feel that would be the best way for everyone involved, there wouldn't be any licensing issues. I would also like to see a more realistic vehicle damage system. It's not very consistent. There's been many times where multiple drivers should have retired from the race. I'd also like an option to turn ghosting off, that way everyone will have to avoid things and not just keep driving knowing they will ghost. Have debris affect the car as well, let it break parts off the car and puncture tires. Maybe make a gamer handling and simulation handling, like in Dirt 4.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to all of the input from the community :smile:
  • MurraysMicMurraysMic Member Unleaded
    Hi Faya.

    Welcome but I have to ask the difficult question, what will change in the community?  We have had promise after promise that this year will be different, that this year Codemasters will be more interactive than ever before.

    Unfortunately year after year the bugs remain and don't get fixed and then the community is abandoned only to pop in when Codies want to start the hype for the new game.

    The community literally begs for a response on game breaking issues (see the weather change/AI Pitting thread) it's game breaking yet the community is still waiting whether the issue will be fixed (we all suspect it won't) yet we are kept in the dark.

    All the community asks is to be a bit more transparency otherwise the community will be in the same situation at the beginning of this year as we are now abandoned with little trust in the team or the product.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Its all movement round here today. Must be a new game coming soon.

    MurraysMic said:
    The community literally begs for a response on game breaking issues (see the weather change/AI Pitting thread) it's game breaking yet the community is still waiting whether the issue will be fixed

    This got patched allegedly! 

    The two time, 2016/2018 F1 Beta testing Champion of the World.
  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    Hello Faya, 
    little bit of a curious one more than anything else, but I don’t suppose who is lined up to do the music to F1 2018 after Mark Knights departure from the series after last years game? 

    Many thanks 
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
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    Hello @Faya Looking forward to the beta sign up. I hope lessons have been drawn from the previous programmes.

    Namely, the game must offer more than restricted multiplayer mode when the program is opened up to a larger pool of testers. Many hours were wasted when gamers were not online or on specific platforms.

    The initial testing should be done from a smaller identified group of previous beta testers that either identifed replicable bugs or gave valuable insight by the way of qualitative or quantitative feedback. It was disappointing to see issues identified in the beta making the gold code as much as it was to see issues in areas that were not available for testing in the beta programme.

    I also hope that testers that broke NDA are on a ban list. Newcomers should be able to get a slot in that extended phase.

    There is no need to utilise finished graphics in any part of the beta but you should perhaps consider texture scaling and simulating the load on the hardware, particularly on the consoles.
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  • marcobosza1986marcobosza1986 Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    Welcome @Faya the beta programme has been a amazing and super social experience in the past looking forward to having you as our go to communication expert for this year (hopefully). looking forward to hearing more.
  • TCPbigoodTCPbigood Member New Car Smell
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    @Faya très bonne nouvelle en espérant avoir un bon opus grâce au retour
    Pour les suggestions, je pense qu'il serait grand temps de se pencher sur le mode multijoueur. Trop de bugs, et très pauvre en matière de développement. Il serait cool de pouvoir gérer la F1 dans la voie des stands, et dans son intégralité sans que l'IA ne prenne le relais. Garder les F1 old car et les enrichir serait une bonne idée également.

    Si vous ne voyez pas d'autres choses, je pense que les idées sont nouvelles.) 

  • NickDahyNickDahy Member Pit Crew
    Hello Faya and welcome to the community.  I wish you the best as this place can get very toxic and the community itself has taken a beating by current releases of the game and poor communication. 

    One thing that has been hurting the game/community for years is when many parts of the game/features are being released in a broken state, especially the online muliplayer aspect. 

    I would not even make multiplayer available until you know that everything works, including yellow flags, illegal overtakes, safety cars, synchronization, formation laps etc.  If they do not work, do not even have them as an option until they do.  Sure there will be minor things, but a complete feature not working cannot be released into the wild. 

    It feels bad to buy something in that state and you hurt future business by doing that.  There were plenty of positives with handling and the career mode so that is a very solid foundation right there and can be fine tuned.  But multiplayer needs a ton of work.  Please look at the other games available.  We need more options and even something as easy as naming a custom lobby for people to join is not possible.  I also hope that there is some kind of safety system as well so we can keep the people who like to wreck eachother in their own lobbies, and people who want to drive clean separate.  There also need to be a better way to kick people who are intentionally wrecking people for the sprint mode.

    Having a great online environment really helps with the long-term play ability of the game.
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    Hi @Faya nice yo meet you. 

    I consider unaceptable to move on to F1 2018 game without been solved the SC issue in F1 2017 game, even thought when it was really good in F1 2013 and 2016. Is there any compelling reason to not solve in the actual game? 

    Personally,  our community will not move on to F1 2018 for that reason which is a shame because we had move on to the further games year after year including F1 2014 and F1 2015 where the game werent up to the scratch. 

    I kown that that is hard to hear. If you see my profile you will see that I had did my best giving you all the feedback and almost always with videos to check all of the bugs encountered.
    Sorry of my welcome message and good luck for you and for the rest of the community. 

  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion
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    *Disclaimer: my comments are only my own musings, not 
    'stating opinions as facts' or 'speaking for others.'
    #NeverPreOrder. It's outrageous that consumers have to BEG game companies to make games that reliably function properly. Consumers do NOT buy video games to waste their recreational time doing the unpaid work of paid professional testers. It's nonsense to imply game companies have no obligation to deliver games of consistently reliable functional quality just because "it's not easy & nothing is perfect & you can't please everybody." Company decision-makers listen to consumer spending, not consumer feedback; they don't care if it works properly as long as it SELLS, and every purchase is a vote of approval that helps fund more of the same. Money talks louder than requests & complaints. #VoteWithYourWallet

  • LSKoneLSKone Member Wheel Nut
    Hello @Faya, welcome to the Forum!
    As many others already have stated, I too am very disappointed in which state the current F1 game has been left by your colleagues. Personally, 90% of the time I played F1 2017 was Multiplayer in a private Lobby with 5 other friends, and there was not a single game that went smooth.
    Feel free to read some of the forum topics about the Multiplayer and its problems, there sure are plenty and the bad condition of the mode is very well documented in this very forum.

    Furthermore, I would like to invite you to play some Multiplayer of F1 2017, for that you may truly understand, what we are talking about. Please, grab some of your friends and just play some Multiplayer, and you shall know. If you want, we can even play together some time!

    I look forward to a healthy and just nice collaboration, so that maybe F1 2018 will be a better product. Welcome again :)

  • jaberla54jaberla54 Member New Car Smell
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    Hi, I'm new at this CM forum, I hope I can help you in the F1 2018 beta, especially the bugs that are corrected in time in this game, I would like to solve the safety car bug sometimes it's very annoying .. .

    Welcome to the Forum Faya
  • AdamFreemanAdamFreeman Member Race Steward
    Welcome to the forum.

    We do seem to have these welcomes every so often and we end up the same as always all broken promises but I hope this time will be different.

    As for your next project f1 17 has been the least played game out of all the f1 games. Out of the gate was okay enough and it got worse somehow. I have no intentions of buying F1 18 at this point.
  • tarrantinotarrantino Member Co-Driver
    Welcome along. 

    I think you’ve got a tough job to win over a lot of people. Many fingers burnt, broken promises and poor communication throughout the life span of each F1 game! We’ve been here before and seen community managers come and go. Is this a new leaf being turned over? Only time will tell. 
  • FMPItaliaFMPItalia Member New Car Smell
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    Very pleasured to hear it!

    For our information, when do You think that BETA TESTING is going to start?
    Now there is an Alpha test?
    Thanks always :D
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