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Introducing Faya - Developer Liaison for F1 Games



  • Sn0beastSn0beast Member New Car Smell
    Hi @Faya, just watched the E3 video on youtube.

    Wow, very refreshing to see a game with a growing multiplayer following still put effort into single player.
    I dont play multiplayer so it was nice to see the additions to the career mode.
    I am so grateful you have made some changes to the R&D tree and also added a bit of negotiating with sponsors.

    Please high 5 your team
  • fcp4lifefcp4life Member New Car Smell
    I just have some questions here! I am still fairly new to F1 Gaming (Xbox)
    1. Will racing on the Controller/PAD be improved for this year?  (im on that college budget) it can be very challenging asking for fuel/tyre/ info etc. when using my xbox controller... and if anyone has any links to some tips and tricks shoot them over, cant seem to find quite what im looking for.

    2. I'm just hoping for a really immersive career as I've posted before, immersive out of track experience, and perhaps better graphics... Also, it would be nice to have a selection of pre-recorded names instead of the announcers/commentators just saying.. "Let's look at the grid. In the third we have a "Insert Car Name"  
  • AlexinAsekasAlexinAsekas Member New Car Smell
    Faya said:

    Hi all!

    On the reporting of bugs – I will be updating the Technical Assistance forum with a basic form for everyone to copy/paste when posting about bugs and I’m looking at ways to improve this section of the forums in the future.

    My Spanish is even worse than my German. I can ask for two beers and that’s about it!

    Beta questions: the team is working on a beta plan for this year and we should have some more news soon.

    F1 2017 patches: I don’t believe there are any more patches planned for F1 2017 at this point.

    @F1Support and @Hoo are still around as other points of contact on these forums.  

    Thanks, everyone!

    Hello @Faya welcome to the strafing of questions hehe, I wanted to ask you if when you talk about 'beta' news if it is an open demo or beta like there was in F1 2017, but this time before the game comes out.

    Thank you.
  • PrinceMagnusPrinceMagnus Member New Car Smell
    Faya said:

    Some of you may recognise my name or avatar, as I used to be the Community Manager on LOTRO and F1 Race Stars, back in the day.

    Any chance of a remake of F1 Race Stars on PS4? 
  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    Hi @Faya

    Will car developments in career make more of a difference in 2018 compared to 2017? In my 3rd season in career mode and the pecking order has barely changed.

    Will classic circuits feature?

    Can the A.I performance between quali and the race be brought closer together?

    Random retirements from AI.- nothing worse than seeing your team mate drop out of races and also achieving higher race positions because at least 1 of Red Bull, Ferrari or Merc dropping out of each race.

    Pit stop hold ups - though better than 2016, still too much of a delay when waiting for other cars to pass during pit stop - had a race the other day where as Toro Rosso (being quite far down the pitlane) I had to wait for 5 cars to pass!!!!!

    Car setup - Setting for gear ratios / whether you would prefer acceleration over top speed?

    Speed Traps - where am I in the speed traps? Can we not have a leaderboard for this rather than the guess work of cycling through every car thats out on circuit to attempt working this out?

  • Mike4255Mike4255 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2018
    Hi Faya, 

    With the button mapping options for F1 2018 on XBOX One, Who decides what button can be mapped, I can only map 6 buttons on my wheel whereas I would love to be able to map more even though I have more buttons available, I am using the Fanatec McLaren Fotmula GT3 wheel. So presently have mapping as so: A = DRS and Pit limiter , B = Talk Y= Rear View X = in game Menu N = Pause. Would love to be able to Map other buttons for fuel up / down, and use the rotary switches , is this codemasters restricting use of extra button mapping as I know that this can be done on the Pc if racing on an alternative Sim using the device drivers available ?
  • Akkan74Akkan74 Member Wheel Nut
    I'm on PC and i am able to map all 12 Buttons + rotary encoders + pedals on my wheel. The only thing i'm bothering with is i have a 12 way rotary switch, which i use for mfd shortcuts. But in the menue you can only choose four. I think there is one more which tells you the pit window, the position after stop and fuel mix. I would like to have more options to use the rotary switches.
  • JohnMcClaneFTWJohnMcClaneFTW Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2018
    We need straight out kicking in Multiplayer.
    Clean Driving Ranks, that are earned. So we can modify a Lobby to certain Rank restrictions.
    SC fixed.

    Welcome, btw. If those three things get the most attention, and get taken care of. The community would come around 10 fold. I can say with 90% Certainty.

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