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Corner Cutting in time trial

Luny8Luny8 Member New Car Smell
i'm new to the forum and problably someone already posted about this, i do like to play in Time Trial, in there you can try to push to your limit without any problems or concerns about other people on the track.
Said this it's really frustrating when you try to do your best when you see the phantom of your "enemy" curner cutting everything, and with corner cutting i don't mean when you have all 4 tyres over the white line, but i mean like going in the grass at 300km/h instead of doing the normal chicane at 150 km/h. Look Mexico turn 1 for example

Is there anything to do? I mean what is the sense of improving yourself when there are people that can cheat without problems.


  • carpacarpa Member Race Engineer
    haydn23 said:

    Not all of them but gets the point accross
    I'm assuming on that last one you were trying to shortcut the entirety of T2 by flying over it using the tyre walls as ramps. I think that's actually a legitimate invalidation :D
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