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Which wheel?

JerryyelvertonJerryyelverton Member New Car Smell
Exactly which force feedback wheel will work flawlessly with ALL of your driving games on PC?  Do you have a specific standard for every game you make? Which wheel do YOU guys use when you write and test the games?
I love codemaster games but your games do not like my Thrustmaster TX wheel so much. 


  • D0NSILVAD0NSILVA Member New Car Smell
    Depends on your budget really. I'm surprised a TX isn't working well though
  • JerryyelvertonJerryyelverton Member New Car Smell
    I had to find a work around. The only way my TX will work with Dirt Rally is if I power the wheel up AFTER my PC is fully booted and then start Dirt Rally up. I know, it's a weird deal but it's the only way it works. I wanted to buy Grid 2 but the demo version wouldn't work with the TX at all so I passed on the purchase. Codemasters has the best racing games so I was willing to change my wheel but I think I got it. 
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