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F1 2017 on a PS4 using a PS4 controller

crash33crash33 Member New Car Smell
Looking for the best way to set up my controller to use in the game. Thanks for any help!!!!


  • MolliMolli Member New Car Smell
    I am alsof looking for the best set up. With gran turismo you have use the controller like a steering wheel,  when you move to the left it turnster left and right to right, but with f1 it looks like you can't and need to use buttons and that is a shame. Anyone an idea?
  • gijs34gijs34 Member New Car Smell
    Since i have F1 2017 it never came up to me to look if it is possible. I’m definitily going to try this. If it works it is better for the tires
  • marsal79marsal79 Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    with or withour assisst ?--------------------------------------------
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