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Force Feedback weaker on Xbox one than Pc

Hi there reader! I have come across an issue regarding the force feedback strenght. Hear me out: 

As some of you know, F1 2017 was free on the weekend to play on the steam platform. So as I already owned F1 2017 On my Xbox one, I downloaded the game for kicks and giggles and see studd like "does my computer handle the game given its older Graphics card?" "How smooth can the game be?" and ither stuff like that. So, after i plugged in my racing Wheel to the pc (a Logitech G920), i did played around with the graphical settings until i got 60fps; a need to have smotth experience for my Eye, even if 30fps also works. After that i made sure that the force feedback settings were exaclty the same as on the Xbox one. Once doe, i started up a Grand Prix, and the second i got out on track, i was amased yet confused over the fact that for some starnge reason, the force feedback was much stronger. I Always hav the force feedback setting on max on every setting available. I then got back up on the Xbox, and i just didnt feel wha was needed to be fealt as a force coming against my hads once i turned my Wheel: a must have if you want to be smooth in the corners. 

I also noticed that the force feedback set the Wheel to the "forward"v poition once i pressed the Xbox button to see one of my mates messages. once that happened, i turned ,i turned my Wheel (while still in the messages tab, outside the game), i felt the restistance i felt on the pc. I was quite confused.

Any suggestions?


  • xHeisxHeis Member New Car Smell
    I feel like its the opposite. I just switched to PC and tried to use my regular settings but i can hardly feel anything unlike on XB1 where it's perfect for me. 
  • Dangaming10Dangaming10 Member New Car Smell
    edited April 11
    Ok, here's the thing;

    I contacted Xbox Support, and they had their back-up team test this "theory", and their conclusion is that the Pc has updated drivers pushed every week, while the xbox might be behind sometimes. 

    I must wonder xHeis, have you uodated your wheel's driver? Remember, that on the pc, you need to update your driver manually, so you will need to go to the official website of the maker of your wheel (Thrustmasters, Logitech or Fanatech). This update will ensure the best force feedback possible on the pc. 

    If, however, you've already done that, or it didn't help, check out the in-game settings and make sure that they are the same as on your Xbox one. 

    With that, i hope that solved your "issue".
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