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    an eSports Forumla One Racing League Exclusively to the Playstation 4...


    We race every Friday night with three tiers, our Podium Tier (7pm GMT),  Pinnacle Tier (8pm GMT) & Prestige Tier (9pm GMT).

    You are placed in a tier that best represents your overall pace on the current F1 Game in order to provide the correct levels of competition. Each F1 Game we run two seasons, the first of which has a full 20 race calendar mirroring the tracks on the Formula One 2017 Race Calendar. The second is a shortened season consisting between 8-12 of the most enertaining races and we usually try a unique format too.

    Other than a mid season off week, our drivers will race weekly with a Championship format starting from the first race to the last. Like real Formula One, there is a Constructor's and Driver's Championship up for grabs in each of our tiers, which are determined by the points you and your team collect over the course of the season.


    We currently have a total of 60 spaces across our three tiers which are usually full since the first race of the season. We then operate a waiting list where drivers will be placed as and when a space becomes available.

    We accept drivers of all abilities. We have a whole range of nationalities who race at F1 Ts Hub. Although we are based in Britain, we offer our spaces to anyone all over the world, male or female. We do have a majority of UK-based drivers but we also have drivers from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Brazil and the US just to mention a few!

    Over our history, we've never looked to have the quickest drivers because we believe no matter your speed, there is a whole lot more to esports racing.


    F1 Ts Hub has been running for five years now and is an F1 esports racing league exclusive to the PS4. We use the current Formula One game made by Codemasters and offer drivers the chance to race weekly and live the life of a real F1 driver through an off-track experience unlike any other.

    We solely race on a Friday Night and host official media days on the Thursday prior. We try to keep the rules and regulations as close to real F1 whilst offering drivers the flexibility of racing online against fair but competitive competition.

    Like any sport, we have a rich history with moments to remember on and off track. We've crowned champions and seen tears, but the races always live up to their hype. Any driver that races with us will tell you our organisation and professionalism running the league is second to none.

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  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell

    So far, 41 out of our 60 spaces have been taken. Sign up has only been open since Friday night so these spaces are going fast! Don't miss out!


  • swanracingswanracing Member New Car Smell
    Hi are there any spaces left im looking if to register if possible.
  • swanracingswanracing Member New Car Smell
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    Hi ive tried registering on the website but it keeps throwing out an error that two of the words do not match ive tried on mobile and desktop too,i have sent an application anyway too.
  • VPGiblinVPGiblin Member New Car Smell
    Is there any spaces still left available?
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    Hi VP, there is 4 spaces left now :smile:        
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    57 of our 60 spaces for Season 11 have now been taken! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to join F1 Ts Hub and live the life of a real F1 driver!
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    Only 2 spaces now remaining ahead of our 11th Season. Last chance to get signed up before we open our waiting list!
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    Not long until our Season 11 Drivers head into qualifying night to decide their Tier!

  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    Live the life of a real F1 Driver. Head over to our website and Apply to Race for our 11th Season! Can't wait to get started with our Podium, Pinnacle & Prestige Tiers every Friday night!
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    Tonights the Night! Qualifying Night will take place tonight to all of our Season 11 Drivers streamed live on YouTube @F1 Ts Hub

  • BedýnkaBedýnka Member New Car Smell
    Hi, is there still some space available for me? 
  • ajdude0001ajdude0001 Member New Car Smell
    Hi is there still any spaces left for me too?
  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    The intro video seems to need some work in my opinion. Videos about F1 2017 basically need max bitrate in order to look okayish in quality. The transitions are strange, but okay I guess. Biggest problem are those random engine noises which don't come from the cars. They seem to appear randomly and then get cut middle of the audio and sound incredibly out of place with the modern F1 cars. Not to mention how loud they are compared to anything else in the video.
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell
    Our waiting list is now open! With all our spaces full for Season 11 we have opened our waiting list and will try to get you racing as soon as we can!
  • VPGiblinVPGiblin Member New Car Smell
    How long is the Waiting List to join the league?

  • tobguitobgui Member New Car Smell
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    Can I join if it's possible to be on tommorows list of drivers?

  • jonnowjonnow Member Unleaded
    VPGiblin said:
    How long is the Waiting List to join the league?

    There are currently 8 drivers on the waiting list.
  • jonnowjonnow Member Unleaded
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    F1TsHub action returns tonight! Season 11 is primed to be our biggest and best yet, with 3 tiers taking to the track and all races being streamed live and commentated upon.

    To get involved, please visit http://www.f1tshub.com/ and check out the races every Friday night over on YouTube https://goo.gl/nCjMFi
  • F1TsHubF1TsHub Member New Car Smell

    It’s race night once again, this week coming from the mighty Silverstone circuit for Round 2 of Season 11.  Catch all 3 tiers live with commentary on our YouTube channel here https://goo.gl/nCjMFi

    Race times:

    Podium Tier 7pm
    Pinnacle Tier 8pm
    Prestige Tier 9pm
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