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F1 2017 crashes on PC after update 1.13

Hoping someone can help. Every night now since update 1.13, my pc has frozen. I have to unplug the power to restart it. Nothing is responsive. Nothing shows up in Windows 10 Pro Reliability Control Panel. I had been playing F1 2017 successfully without fail until now. I have a Windows 10 pro pc with Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB ram, and GTX 1070, with 500w power supply. The pc is less than 3 months old. I am able to play Race Room and Projects Cars 2 with no issues. Graphic settings are high to ultra at 60fps, no fail.


  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @Mars023,

    I’m sorry to hear your PC is freezing every time you try to play. Could you verify the game files for me please if you haven’t already?

    To validate that F1 2017 downloaded correctly;

    • Open Steam and go to the Library tab.
    • Right click on F1 2017 and select Properties.
    • Go to the Local Files tab and click verify integrity of game files.


    I’ve also moved your thread to the F1 Games Technical Assistance forum, I hope that’s okay!

  • Mars023Mars023 Member New Car Smell
    thanks for responding. I literally play the game 4+ days a week as part of my free time relaxation so its important to me. I had initially validated the game through Steam. There were two files that did not validate. I know that one is a custom paste-in helmet but neither are classified.  It still kept happening so I uninstalled and reinstalled using Steam without any mod. There is not a specific amount of time or activity such as drving vs. being in the pit. At the start of a new re-install, there are a couple of files that are initiated but they flash on the screen so I can't remember what they are. I can't think of anything else as I play RaceRoom and PCars 2 both at very high settings at a constant 60fps. I also have nVidia's Shadowplay in the background and they did an update at nearly the same time as 1.13 but it works flawlessly with the other games. Hope this helps.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Mars023Mars023 Member New Car Smell
    Hi Faya,
    After combing through the files last night, I found there was an orphaned Shader file that was saved with Steam. I guess it kept coming back in the new installation as saved through Steam.  I deleted it and was able to play the game for an hour. Hopefully that was it.
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