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Dirt Rally Xbox one X texture glitch.

Hi all. I know the visual texture glitches are well documented in Dirt, Especially the multicoloured cockpit glitch and why Codemasters never fixed this very well known issue is still a mystery to me. Anyway at the end of the day if you usually quit the rally and restarted the glitch typically wouldn't bother you again for as long as your session lasted and given Dirt Rally is my favourite game I could live with that. But I recently upgraded to an Xbox one X having had the day one console since release and I reinstalled Dirt recently to find that on the X besides the known glitches there now appears to a lighting texture issue that effects stages in Sunlight. Turning fences and signs predominantly but including all roadside props and even sometimes patches on the road and the car itself bright green or yellow/orange in colour. Every other of the 60 plus games I own work perfectly fine on my Xbox and I have reinstalled the game 5 times plus both by disc and digitally and still the issue persists permanently now. Even in Youtube videos stating the user was on Xbox one X had the exact same issue so I am fairly certain it is an X specific problem. Has anyone else experienced this? Or know why its occurring? It has now very unfortunately made Dirt practically unplayable for me. Can Codemasters please at least acknowledge this issue if not fix it? I have spent a huge amount of money on the Dirt franchise over the years including multiple purchases of both Dirt & Dirt 4 and I have to say I have been so disappointed with post release support of Dirt I am losing faith in Codemasters. People around the world bought this game, It is also frequently advertised on the Xbox game pass where people pay subscription that includes Dirt. Is it too much to ask that fundamental elements in the game work as they should?


  • djm99djm99 Member New Car Smell
    was about to buy the game for use on Xbox one X...you've put me off !
  • WoodAxWoodAx Member New Car Smell
    The texture of the shadows is really pixelised on xbox, it's appears just in the cockpit view, but is very bad to see that in this game. There are some fix to do in this game, I'm expect to Codmaster make something ...
  • orb1talorb1tal Member New Car Smell
    Same issue. yellow or white to green colour change on XB1X, on XB1 everthing ok.
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