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Forum buttons missing

Is it just me or have some of the forum buttons gone AWOL?

All the icons for Notifications, Inbox, Bookmarks, Account Settings and post editing etc. have gone no matter what browser I use. Both my machines are the same.

Console debugging points to missing resources on vanillaicon.com

I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.


  • FayaFaya Member admin
    edited April 9

    Hi @steviejay69,

    We’ve noticed that some of the buttons are currently in hiding as well and we’re poking the relevant people. 

  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi @steviejay69 and all,
    The forum buttons are no longer invisible and have returned! 

    Everything should be working now, but if you come across anything else that's not quite right, please do let me know. Many thanks! 
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