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Safety Car Bug Multiplayer

I play a Multiplayer 100% season with 3 other friends and the rest is CPU. We have had multiple crashes and dnf's as well player as cpu, but the safety car hasn't been a part of any race in our season just finished Canada. Even when 2 cpu's and 2 players retire on dangerous places on the circuit the safety car doesn't come out. Yes safety car is on at options. But is is ridiculous that it isn't a part of online racing.


  • niblipsniblips Member New Car Smell
    edited April 16
    We are having the same issue in our season over at RaceDepartment. Three rounds so far. 100% distance races, SC turned on, damage set to Full, no assists. XboxOne.

    We've had several crashes that likely should have brought out a SC or at lease a VSC but nothing happens. A car had terminal damage on the start finish straight in China last night and it didn't even draw a VSC. In real life they would have had to call something to remove the car and it would have brought out a VSC or a SC.

  • niblipsniblips Member New Car Smell
    Actually. I don't think we've had a SC in a league race since September 2017 where we had 1 VSC and 3SCs in a 50%  Malaysia race. Since then we have not had a SC or VSC.
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