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Introducing the F1 Beta | Codemasters Blog

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imageIntroducing the F1 Beta | Codemasters Blog

What a season 2018 is turning out to be so far! We’re only just recovering from that Bahrain Grand Prix – all the action up and down the field, not to mention that final lap that had us all on the edge of our seats. You can check out the official race highlights here:

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  • Wailen18Wailen18 Member New Car Smell
    Oh yes beta for f1 come back i like this game
  • Ignars2Ignars2 Member New Car Smell
    Finally!!! I´m pretty nervous to see the halo in the game
  • RobinKeerlesRobinKeerles Member New Car Smell
    This will be an important beta , evryone is execting them to step up the online game. It will create alot of pressure but if they focus on both areas of the game then it is fine.
  • rohurohu Member New Car Smell
    Looks like surveymonkey broke down =D Not working at all D:
  • F1ITACommunityF1ITACommunity Member Wheel Nut
    Really excited about that!!! We hope to be part of the beta programme.
  • iCoffeeCatiCoffeeCat Member New Car Smell
    edited April 11
    Looking forward to the Android Beta F1. I'm wondering how many devices now have the Vulkan Rendering Engine AND if it will be incorporated into the new F1 for Android ☮️
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  • Jpayne05Jpayne05 Member New Car Smell
    Looking forward to the new game and what it has to offer us as player's
  • mightydylan3224mightydylan3224 Member New Car Smell
    when will we find out if we get into the beta

  • Bundy06Bundy06 Member New Car Smell

    Really excited about the new game coming out.

  • MaclayneMaclayne Member New Car Smell
    Looking forward to the new game! Hopefully get to participate in the beta
  • RickJonkRickJonk Member New Car Smell

    Hopefully i will get the chance to test it. Will be interesting.
  • ReCo88ReCo88 Member New Car Smell
    need more information about the game!

    Hopefully I will get my VR support.
  • racepat1racepat1 Member New Car Smell
    very good, we can test the F1 2018
    Really excited about the new game coming out.
  • madottermadotter Member New Car Smell
    I love this time of year  :) The new season is back and now we get to start hyping about the new game!
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  • BirkhoffBirkhoff Member New Car Smell
    at the moment I am continuing to grind kilometers with renault on xbox one s ;) in the f1 2017 career; I have compiled the form for the beta and I can not wait to see how the halo will be implemented and the new rules on the number of power units in season. I in the complete races in my career I have difficulty already managing 4 ...
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  • QuangMinhQuangMinh Member New Car Smell
    Finger crossed XD
    This is so exciting!! Can't wait
    Already regi
  • senna94f1senna94f1 Member New Car Smell
    It' looks like I muddled my months up and beta was posted yesterday and not like I thought last month , I am excited to be part of the beta testing again  offline and online , many thanks codemasters for given me a part  in this years beta testing .
  • sottisotti Member New Car Smell
    VR support for the PC this time?

    Skipped the last one, would make this one a first day purchase.
  • SeriouslySeriously Member Petrol Head
    Great to hear, that the beta programmes will come back again! We're all hyped.
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  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    Please use Vulkan instead of horrible DX11. DX12 is a questionable choice.
    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
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