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The F1 Games Mega-Thread - Read me

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Hello Drivers and welcome to the F1 Games Mega-Thread!

In this post you will find loads of links to informative threads about the F1 Games series. Everything from the Forum Rules, to Announcement links to player created stuff. See something you think should be on the list or something amiss? Let me know with a PM or an email to [email protected].

These are the Forum Rules. Please make sure you have had a read through.

Forum Rules

F1 2018 Information and Threads

Make Headlines in F1 2018

Take a lap of Monaco with Charles Leclerc in F1 2018

F1 2018 – The Headline Edition

Preparing For The French Grand Prix™ With F1® 2018

BOX BOX BOX – F1® 2018’s Cover Art Revealed

The post-E3 debrief, with F1 Game Director Lee Mather


F1® 2018 – Supported Wheels And Controllers

Revealed – The Full List of F1® 2018 Classic Cars

Take a Lap of Hockenheimring in F1® 2018 with Nico Hulkenberg

Branching Out - Adding Greater Depth to R&D in F1® 2018

The inside scoop on the F1® 2018 Steelbook

Featuring F1® 2018 - The Official Gameplay Trailer

F1® 2018 - More Than Just a Game

Get Closer To The Real World Sport With A New F1® 2018 Trailer

F1 Beta Information

The F1 Beta is now open! Check out the follow threads for more information:

Introducing the F1 Beta 

F1 Beta Thread and FAQ  < Started by @UP100 ;

If you're a Beta tester and you can't get to the forums or if you're having any sort of issue, send us an email at [email protected] for further help.

The F1 Esports Series 2018

F1 Esports Series website 

2018 Tournament Guide

F1 Esports 2018 Tournament Rules

Found a bug in game? Please read this thread before posting.

F1 Games: Technical Assistance & Bug Reports – Please Read Before Posting

F1 Game Leagues

Got a league or want to join one? Head to League forum!

F1 2017 Information and Threads

F1 2017 Game Survey Now Open

F1™ 2017 – Supported Wheels and Controllers

F1 2017 - Hot Lap Videos

F1 2017 Past Patch Announcements and Threads

Patch 1.13 - Discussion Thread

Patch 1.12 – Discussion Thread

Patch 1.11 – Discussion Thread

Patch 1.11 – Patch Notes (Released 11/12/17)

Patch 1.10 - Discussion Thread

[Edit - Faya: Added the latest news to the F1 2018 section]
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