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DiRT 4 - I have to configure my wheel every time I start the game.

SoloWingXSoloWingX Member New Car Smell
I read something similar regarding DiRT Rally, that on the "Press Start or Enter" screen pressing Enter on the keyboard erases the wheel settings, and the solution was that you need to have the button configured to the wheel. I configured "Enter" in DiRT 4 to the wheel, and it didn't work on the "Press Enter or Start" screen at all. Furthermore this issue doesn't happen in DiRT Rally, F1 2016, F1 2017.

On a side note, is it possible in DiRT 4 to have 1:1 steering animation? It was a selling point in the beginning but from my experience it doesn't happen. The animation is 900 degrees but the animation isn't 1:1, it has latency and fake effects.

My wheel: Thrustmaster T300 + F1 Wheel in Advanced Configuration

Thanks for any help...
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