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F1 2017 Forcefeedback and Fanatec wheel


I have been running my Fanatec wheel since december 2017 and i have never had any problems with my force feedback except for some glitches here and there. But last night when I was gonna start preparing for the F1 esport qualifying my forcefeedback is really weird. It feels like the forcefeedback is 50 times higher since last time i played F1 and thats like 3 weeks ago and i dont know if you guys have done any updates since that time. but what i can say is that when i try to play now i have to almost turn of the force feedback completly because it feels like moving a rock and if i just hit a kerb i sounds like the wheel is gonna explode from the force feedback. 

I play project cars 2 regulary and i dont have these problems in that game. with high settings in FOrce Feedback.
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