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F1 2017 - Unwarranted Ban?

Hi Forum/Codemasters,

I believe I was unecessarily banned from playing online, and would like to know how I can contest this? All I have used 2017 for so far is playing the Online Championship with my housemate (I haven't even started anything else), the only reason I can think for being banned is that I downloaded Car Setups from the workshop during races (at the behest of my friend)?




  • GijonDevGijonDev Member New Car Smell
    I believe I've read this somewhere else. Try restarting your game and if not PC. If that does not work, try reaching codies' support team. 
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Co-Driver
    Verify your game files. Most likely a mod could have caused it or file corruption.
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