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Sim Racers Association Formula 1 Championship[PC,XB1,PS4]

Hi,at the Sim Racers Association we are trying to start our own league on Codemasters F1 2017,which will run on Monday Nights at 20:00 GMT with Short Qualifying and a 50% race.We may also expand to other time zones if the interest is there.
Another league we are considering would be a classic league on Tuesday nights,so please give me advice on whether you think that would work.
We are also looking for commentators and league co-ordinators.
Please check us out: https://simracersassociation.enjin.com
Thanks.Feedback on all our leagues is requested(we also run Project CARS 2 and will hopefully add other games soon).


  • squatcitysquatcity Member New Car Smell
    Hi, I want to race. Can I apply? I'm on ps4 with F1 2017.
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