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Will F1 2018 Game have VR Support?

I love F1 2017 but unfortunately does not support VR. 
I just need to know if F1 2018 will have VR support. If yes , ill definetly buy it, if not I won't buy it.
And what about the SIMRacing specs? Will they be improved?


  • MicheMai51MicheMai51 Member New Car Smell
    Hi @weqn,
    For the moment I don't think F1 2018 will have the VR support. Probably, in this season, if there are a lot of request in the survey, Codemasters will focus to VR support on F1 Games.
    However, the VR is be the futures of console and PC games, don't worry, soon or later there will be the VR support also on F1.
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  • weqnweqn Member New Car Smell
    The problem is that im getting old , and I dont have time to wait for the next generation of VR :smiley:
    Thanks for your answer , best regards.
  • xdannilxdannil Member New Car Smell
    I didn't believe that VR would add that much to immersion. Until I tried it myself. It is definitely the future of SIM racing, and I totally agree with TS. If F1 2018 will not support it, well there are other good racing games to play until it does. Like PC2. I can also add that I've played F1 because of the good immersion, but VR is suddenly a very important factor for me.
  • PiersmortonPiersmorton Member New Car Smell
    I have purchased every Codemasters F1 season since they started, but without VR support I will not be buying this year. F1 lends itself perfectly to VR with its open cockpits and wonderful historical circuits to look at. I discovered VR 6 months ago and it’s very hard to go back to a screen once you’ve had that in the car experience, nothing else touches it so please add support ASAP, Dirt Rally already has it so why is it a no brainier? I would actually pay a little more for a VR version if that is part of the issue.
  • Kaltern75Kaltern75 Member New Car Smell
    I suspect the game engine being used simply doesn't support it - I don't even think it supports old school 3D does it?
    It is a shame, because I think it would add a lot to the game, especially with what appears to be improved AI drivers.  The non-driving stuff could be simple 2D like we have now, and the racing in VR - you put your 'helmet' on to get in the car as it were.

    Oh well.  Maybe 2020.
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