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GRID Autosport [Linux]: No mouse cursor in windowed mode, can’t move window

MTonlyMTonly Member New Car Smell

GRID Autosport hides mouse cursor when running in windowed mode, so user can’t move the game window manually to the desired position on the screen.

This is CRITICAL when trying to play the game with the nVidia Transform-Filter feature enabled for the purpose of integer-ratio upscaling with NO BLUR — e.g. FHD→4K with logical pixel as 2×2 same-color physical pixels.

The game always forcedly centers its window on the area wrongly corresponding to physical monitor resolution instead of the correct ViewPortIn area, so only the top-left 1/4 part of the window is visible.

Given that the game is cropped in full-screen mode, it’s currently impossible to play the game with no blur at non-native resolution using the nVidia Transform-Filter feature.


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