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There 3 bugs in career mode. Number 1 is slow pitstops. Sometimes after my tires are fitted my car don't get released. At least not after a couple of seconds which seems to happen when I'm leading the race and both I and second place pitted at the same time. This happens at least once every season. Usually what happens then is that I end up getting released after the second place AI car exits before me. Bug number 2 is where my car gets slow-downed at turn 10 during the qualifying rounds at the Russian F1. It happens every season which mean I never make it into Q3. It shows Yellow flag but I never get a report for a car involved in an accident/incident. This yellow flag thing happens every single season exactly at the same turn 10 during the qualifying session. Bug 3 I sometimes get overtaken by AI cars when the Safety Car is out.


  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi there, @Aroab, thanks for taking the time to post. I’ll get these investigated. I may be back to ask some questions, if that's okay? I’m also going to move this thread to the F1 Games Technical Assistance forum, so that it’s in the right place. Many thanks!

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