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G:Autosport, Playstation Dualchock 4 v2 not recognised (Mac)

EaserEaser Member New Car Smell
Hi All, first post here, I just bought Grid Autosport on mac´s App Store, but GA doesen´t seem to recognise my Playstation Dualchock4 v2, it doesn´t appear in the initial menu, and if I start the game, then nothing happens no matter what I press....?

The Playstation Dualchock 4 v2 is plugged in via cable (and I prefer it thát way, if someone suggest that I go via Bluetooth), and the computer is a high-end 2017 iMac.

I saw something somewhere about people buying via Steam have some kind of preset for the gamepad, bad luck that I chose App Store....?

I have btw followed this guide to set up the controller, and the Mac does see it....:
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  • EaserEaser Member New Car Smell
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    Found out how to edit, so I did put what was here up in the initial question, but now I can´t delete this reply, only edit it....

    -So, have a wonderful day everybody....;- )
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