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Dirt 4 PS4 install (from disc) stuck on install

I just bought a copy of Dirt 4 on disc for my PS4.  The update file (v 1.06) downloaded and installed automatically, and when I start the game it shows "installing xx%" at the bottom of the screen.  I've tried it several times (deleting it and re-running the update file) and it gets stuck at 46%.  So, I can run the first track in Australia then the lessons in Washington but when I try to exit the test track it tells me I have to wait until the game is installed.

I've even left it on overnight and my PS4 ends up shutting down (power save settings), and when I reload it I get the same screen.  My PS4 has no issues with other discs, and it doesn't looks like this one is scratched at all.  Is there something else I can try, or do I need to send the game back as defective for a refund?

Please help.  Game looks awesome and I'm looking forward to playing it!!


  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Race Steward
    edited May 2018
    How much free space do you have? For this game I found out you need to have extra space on top of what the game requires.
    (1) Delete applications you do not want or are not using anymore.
    (2) Delete all files of DiRT 4 including update and remove disc form console.
    (3) Restart your PS4.
    (4) Put the disc back in and let the update file install completely.
    (5) Open the game and that should start the next installation phase.
    Let this complete before you do anything else and if the screen freezes after loading %100 just quit the app and restart it. You should be good after that.
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