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Screen freezes

I'm on my F1 2017 racing at Baku.... First, I drive a McLaren then switch it to a HAAS. I start my lap and the screen just freezes and I can't stop it. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the whole computer. I tried to lower the Graphics but nothing seems to be happening. It also froze when I was trying to change the Graphics
 settings. On the career mode it froze on the final lap and I just went insane. As a result I found the need to share this. Honestly codies! It's not right!!!! Can you even imagine?! You pay for something! And you can't even use it! Where is the point??? Don't blame my computer. It's perfectly fine and works perfectly fine in other games. You have a problem with YOUR game. So take your time and fix it! Or how can I fix it?
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