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F1 2018 Game Ideas

LegendarySnipezLegendarySnipez Member New Car Smell
edited May 9 in F1 Games - Setups
1. Better car setups
2. Interact with other people 
3. Pre season testing 
4. Longer podium scenes 
5. Player talks in team radio (headset only)
6. Customize your own helmet
7. Real life TV HD
8. Real life 2017 engines 
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  • kekesekkekesek Member New Car Smell
    and 9. create your own team
    with your cars design cyka blyat
  • MrNansMrNans Member New Car Smell
    1. Engine management like in Assetto Corsa, where you can attack with the ERS  manage the battery state etc
    2. Make an option to turn off Engine and components degradation in carrer, or at least make them automatic. Sometimes I dont want to be thinking on that, let that to the team
    3. Would like more graphics and stats in the screen at boxes that give you more detailed information on the tyres, engine, times, fuel consuption etc

  • r0xANDt0lr0xANDt0l Member New Car Smell
    10. working online levels. for example: if you are lvl 50 join with people of lvl 45-55
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