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F1 2017 PS4 - Only Carrer game mode

jasivojasivo Member New Car Smell
Yesterday I bought F1 2017 for PS4 - digital edition. I downloaded 34GB of the data. When I wanted to play with my friends i couldn't. The only game mode which i have is Carrer. I have PS Plus subscription.

My game version: 1.13.
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  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @jasivo,

    It sounds like you either have the trial version or that not everything’s downloaded properly. Could you double check your download for me please? Maybe try deleting and re-downloading if you can? Have you tried the career mode yet and if so, can you get past the weekend at Melbourne?

  • amirchamirch Member New Car Smell
    I am having the same issue on the Xbox version of the game. unable to get past the Melbourne weekend.
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