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f1 2017 more online bugs

abbibiaaaabbibiaaa Member New Car Smell
So I've met some new bugs. If anyone know why it happens:
1- After practice, qualifying or race even if everyone end their race I have to watch for 2 minutes how bot is driving our cars in circle
2- When you go to results some drivers are named like real drivers, for example xxx_Destroyer_xxx won race but game says Lewis Hamilton won it. 
3- Online championship dont save (it got deleted by itself for some reason)

My friend had these 2 problems too but for example host didn't have it and he had all driver names but our country was wrong (My avatar has country set to England but I chose Wehrlein so I'm german)

To the 3rd problem. Where are saves saved? In steam cloud, in game files? I think my saves got deleted by itself. If it helps with anything I reinstalled game and added codemasters account to my profile. Any of these 2 could cause problem?
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