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Windows 10 version 1803 GRID Autosport won't launch

I decided to purchase the season pass for GRID Autosport on Steam yesterday but when I try to run it  it just returns to the Play GRID panel.  It was working before but I just updated my Windows to 1803 from 1709 so I'm wondering if it could be connected to that.

Could someone please confirm they have it running on 1803 please?


  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Petrol Head
    Have you tried verifying files in Steam? Alternatively start it, chech Task Manager and of Grid Autosport is running, end task it. Then it might launch again by itself. I have to use this approach quite often with some F1 games.

    I can check on my PC a bit later on, if it's still not working for you.
  • damoledamole Member New Car Smell
    Veryfying the files worked, thanks!  Now I'm back to the old fullscreen issue playing on my TV.  It's OK on the laptop but only windowed on the TV.
  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Petrol Head
    Have you tried alt+enter to maximise the game
  • damoledamole Member New Car Smell
    Yes, I tried that but it didn't help.  I also deleted hardware_settings_config and hardware_settings_info and restarted the game.  I've solved this one previously, probably also with the DiRT ganes too.

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