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Fanatec Community Manager introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Dom, and I’m the new Community Manager for Fanatec. I’ve been a sim enthusiast for many years, since the old Grand Prix Legends days! Previously, I was editor of Sim Racer Magazine in the UK, and more recently a writer for RoadtoVR.com, and I’ve always kept a close eye on developments in this outstanding hobby of ours.

A relevant 'claim to fame' is that I helped the DiRT Rally team in 2015 with the force feedback in the sim, following some 'constructive criticism' I made in a YouTube video. This is documented in an old Codies Blog if anyone is interested!

I’ll be keenly following all relevant online communities, with the aim to promote positive discussion about our sim hardware, and to point people to our product site if they’re looking for more detailed information. For existing customers, I’ll try to answer their questions as quickly as I can, or to direct them to our support department if the query requires a more specific response. I hope to bring Fanatec and the broader racing community closer together by being the first point of contact whenever possible.

Happy sim racing!
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