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Looking for a North American F1 2017 League for PS4 or Xbox One

ThePNWThePNW Member New Car Smell
There seems to be a lot of European leagues, but not much available for us U.S. fans. I have the game for both PS4 and for Xbox One, so I can do either. The only assists I use are Medium Traction and Corner Breaking Line as well as Pit Assist. Available most evenings Pacific time and on Weekends.


  • Andrew24fanAndrew24fan Member New Car Smell
    check out my cosmic league on my disscussion and the website https://cosmicf1.weebly.com/

  • ItsMyllertimeItsMyllertime Member New Car Smell
    I am also looking for one. Hey . @ThePNW let's start one. we got 2 already haha
  • HairpinOnRacingHairpinOnRacing Member New Car Smell
    Hello ThePNW,
    We have new F1 2018 Leagues in preparation and one of them is our new HOR - F1 2018 NAXBL (North American XB1 League).
    The Racing Time is suited for all in North America. We have a Time Table, where you can find your local Race Time.

    You can find the League here: HOR - F1 2018 NAXBL
    The League Rules and League Information can be found in each Link.

    If you have questions you can contact us here (by replying to this Thread or PM) or within each of our Sites (in the Signature). 
    We hope to hear from you soon  ;) 

    Best regards
    Clean, Fair and Competitive Racing - HOR Hairpin Online Racing
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