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ONRUSH | Open beta - Feedback and bug reporting [PS4]



  • BillLordiBillLordi Member New Car Smell
    I can't load multyplayer games. I can select a vehicle and than it drops down waiting for the other cars to show up. Accept they don't and i'm stuck here 
  • ptibennyptibenny Member New Car Smell
    edited May 17
    Hello everyone, my feedback after few hours of this beta.
    Sorry for my translation, i’m french. ^^

    ( - )The sounds of the vehicles are much too loud (high) even reducing them to the maximum (music, voice, vehicles) it remains those of the destruction, it is not pleasant, especially if i stream (and for the viewers too).

    ( - ) For the countdown mode, the visibility of the doors is in my opinion to strengthen on the circuit "big dune beach".

    ( + ) The graphics are good, thank you for the work done.

    (+ - ) The game is fun but I wonder about the duration if the fun will still be there. I hope there are other modes of play.
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  • itsFumikoitsFumiko Member New Car Smell
    Hello, I been playing Onrush beta for a bit now and i dont know if its just me but I dont really feel like i contribute much to the team. I get 2nd and 3rd sometimes MVP but i still dont feel like i contributed much to the game. Its hard to tell if I am actually doing anything to the enemy by hitting  them. I love the game but i wish there was more feedback to the player of how much contribution you have done to winning,
    Hi just wondering how driver level works because I'm up and down like a yo-yo every time I get to level 40 it knocks me back down to level 37
  • whitmarsh2whitmarsh2 Member Wheel Nut
    I'm experiencing a lot of lag issues. Getting frustrating when I watch the replay and there's nobody near me. 
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  • ThaFeverThaFever Member New Car Smell
     I'm noticing a little lag here and there as well. Also,  when partied up there are frequent disconnects. Understandable hiccups given it's a beta and all, but thought I'd give some feedback. 
  • ONRUSHjerkONRUSHjerk Member New Car Smell
    I agree with a scoreboard at end of matches so we can keep an eye on our tm8’s making sure they are pulling their weight!
    befofre each match when it shows all the chosen vehicles is there anyway you can put name tags above the cars so we can see who’s driving what! Thank you!
  • ONRUSHjerkONRUSHjerk Member New Car Smell
    why are the servers full? I hope this isn’t a sign to come!
    I'm getting the same server's full try again later.
  • ONRUSHjerkONRUSHjerk Member New Car Smell
    One thing I noticed when playing online the fodder seam to disappear!
  • LightRacerSV5LightRacerSV5 Member New Car Smell
    Where can I join the Beta?                                      
  • couger1981couger1981 Member Race Engineer
    Where can I join the Beta?                                      
    You had to pre order the game before the Beta started.
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  • Montae99Montae99 Member New Car Smell
    Takedowns are INCONSISTENT! I got crushed by someone who landed 3 feet away from me and I Tboned someone using boost at full speed but i was the one who got taken out. FIX THIS!
  • nox163nox163 Member New Car Smell
    How the levels work? Im going up and down all the time. And what the triangles under the level mean, sometimes I have one, and sometimes two.
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