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ONRUSH | Open beta - Feedback and bug reporting [Xbox One]

arookCMarookCM Member New Car Smell
Hi guys! I hope you're all enjoying the open beta! If you have any feedback on anything you've experienced while playing ONRUSH on Xbox One let us know in the thread below and we'll look into it for you!  


  • SPiiKESPiiKE Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2018
    All I'm getting is ' Beta game servers are full right now . Please try again  later ' ..   Please please Codemasters . Turn on some extra servers   
  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    edited May 2018
                             So no PC beta?
  • Swiftsh0t21Swiftsh0t21 Member New Car Smell
    Alright, so I've been hooked playing the beta (level 32 at the moment), you guys have really outdone yourselves making this game. Let me start with some things that I have noticed that I hope you'll fix before the game comes out.

    Connection issues: There's some connection issues regarding trying to join a match and during a match too. Load times can sometimes be a drag, it takes a while before I get entered into a match. Also there seems to be desync or something between other players network connection. Lots of times I try to take an opponent down, but they somehow appear on the other side warping. Other times I get taken out even though that person wasn't even next to me. I watched Rushy's stream on twitch, and he already acknowledged the situation so i'm not too worried.

    Handling: Bikes could use a bit of fine tuning since it would suddenly be hard to control. Sometimes when i'm on a bike it won't stick the landing and i'd easy crash, and other times doing flips would take longer. Just from my experience.

    Boosting: There's also the problem of the boosting system, it rewards the player too little of boost it seems for some stuff. Whenever I do something daring like a close call, it only gives me a little sliver of boost, which of course isn't enough to get back into the fray. This happens a lot while I was playing, trying to find anyway possible to find some boost, only to get so little before running on empty once again.

    Frame rate: This doesn't bother me a lot, but there's no 60fps mode for the base Xbox one, which could turn some people down. (I checked the options menu and everything and it wasn't available) I really don't mind 30fps right now though.

    That's all I have to spill for now. I'll post more if I happen to see any more problems to help you guys out. These things won't turn me off from buying the game on full release, and i'll be playing a lot more of the beta because it really is that good. Cheers.

  • ArtiotwogiaArtiotwogia Member New Car Smell
    There is a bug where the game took a long time to load and the scoreboard stopped counting at around 3237 points on blue team and 1800 on the orange team. It stopped the game from being able to finish. I don't know what caused it but the game wouldn't finish, causing a quit.

  • RylousRylous Member New Car Smell
    Love the game but thanks to the Servers always being full i cannot get the exclusive car for the real game, not pleased about that 1 bit!
  • FZXFZX Member New Car Smell
    Hi, I can’t play multiplayer mode in game Onrush.
    I have xbox live account gold member and can play other games in multiplayer  but the game Onrush not.
    i change the port of router correct, the nat is open in network connection.
    then I don’t know how risolve this iussue.
    please contact me my mail is [email protected]
    my account in Xbox is [email protected]
  • FZXFZX Member New Car Smell
    When I try to play multiplayer fast match, the system says  joining the room, but never happened.
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