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£44 Looooooool !

BluetonicBluetonic Member New Car Smell
Do the devs read these boards? I hope so. What on earth are you playing at with F1 2017? How you can justify a AAA price tag for the coding gone into this game is a cheek on par with throwing a brick through someone’s window and asking for it back.

what on earth is the slider supposed to be for in multiplayer? Race distance? There are no search filters, the slider does not indicate any useful information whatsoever, I can’t  search listed games?! You lazy lazy LAZY amateur programmers! Then I have to search and wait 3 minutes to tell me “cannot join a session” - kiss it. 

Can’t wait for all the fan fan boys to wade in. COME AT ME! You’s lot are the ones for adding to pure mess of what is the gaming industry. Just watch WAB on YouTube and you’ll understand. 

Seriously though, Codemasters; if you feel this UI and functionality is worth the price of a AAA game then you seriously need a wake up call. For AAA games, I expect AAA development. Joke. 


  • larryllarryl Member Co-Driver
    i'm NO fan boy!
    The fact u made a account just for this post is saying more then enough. The language u use would surprise me that the post is deleted soon.
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  • BluetonicBluetonic Member New Car Smell
    That wouldn't surprise me either if it was deleted. That's how the liberal left, snowflake generation operates these days. Exactly as you are, claiming that I have used bad language - where? I see not, any profanity in my post. 

    Anyway, all that aside, you are correct about me making an account just for that post. Do you know why? because companies need to be held to account when they release products. Do you think that is a bad thing? No matter what you come back at me with, or how offensive it may or may not be, you will never ever be able to defend a AAA price tag with functionality and net code that is akin to an independent £10 release on Steam. There is not one bit, not one scrap of an excuse you can muster together to combat that fact. For what it's worth, I have been a developer for 7 years and the projects I worked on for our business clients delivered a sub-standard service, we would be out of business. Listen to these words very carefully snowflake; "When you pay premium for a product/service, it should deliver a premium experience/service" - you can take that line and apply it to any walk of life, unless you disagree in which case you would be a person who wouldn't complain if their broadband went down 9 times a month. As a community, you have the responsibility to hold the very people you purchase products from, to accountability. This title, whichever way you spin it, is theft. 

    And the last point; it will never change, and you will continue to get mediocre, below average, lazy products, unless you do something about it. My refund is being processed.
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