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3 points to include in F1 2018

Hello Codemasters,

just to say thank you for the great job did to design F1 2017.

In the next F1 2018 ; not to late to implement because very easy requests to do for the dev of Codemasters ;

=> a F1 edriver should never go back to the garage without knowing the time managed for each of his previous laps. (add a table with the times of laps (not a big dev !...)
=> a F1 setup builder should know if the current setup used is one of a saved setups or not. If it is, it should be write in the screen of the setup (not considering the fuel loaded) and not only when we are loading it because we never be sure to get the good one when a session is restarted/reseted.

A F1 driver should be able to see more (well actually in the F1 2017, there is no one of these kind of screen) screen about telemetry in the garage.

F1 histroy should linked the real cars of F1 2010 to F1 2018 to be more real : in F1 2017, we play 10 times the f1 2017 season ; it is quite strange, is'nt it ?

Anyway, you could be very proud of your F1 2017 and I hope my little requests and the big one for several season will be inside the F1 2018 on 24 Aug.

Best Regard to Codemasters employees.
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