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Ideas for F1 2018 - Online

Far1anFar1an Member Unleaded

Hey Guys!

Since F1 2018 was announced, I made thoughs what needs to change after F1 2017.

 Most important:

1.       Fix the Multiplayer Modus!
After 2016´s „Player Joins – Host lags“ server was solved, there a handful Bugs online, which need fixing.

1.1   Slipstream-Bug:
In F1 2017 there is to little Slipstream at all. Even worse, if you´re racing online and a player is leaving the lobby, after the next pit stop there is no slipstream at all! (Thats why AOR-Players have agreed not leaving a lobby while the race is on)

1.2   Safety Car & VSC:
Caused of two paralel bugs resulting in the GreenFlag-Bug (Greenflag track all race); there is no SC or VSC triggert if a player has a terminal damage with his car. Only if the player is leaving the lobby it can happen to triggert he SC, even he leaves 20 Minutes later.
Even wore the  „Every 3 Laps Safety Car Bug“ as it name says triggering a SC every 3 laps until the last 4 laps of the race have startet à The result of these issues no SC in league racing in F1 2017 which is sad, b/c Safety Car is key feature of F1

1.3   Desynch between players
In my opinion the Player-to-Player online connextion which is used in F1 belongs in the past.  I would really like seeing dedicated Server – as every Triple AAA title do – ending the problems of lags, Desynch. If this is not possible I would really like to see hugh improvement of the netcode.

1.4   Micro stuttering
Having experienced players having trouble with micro stuttering. Could be triggered by to many player leaving an online lobby or in general (Yes all drivers updated, Game downloaded twice or more, changed graphic setting, v-synch etc.)

1.5   More transparent & detailed damage model on cars
In F1 2017 the consequences of damage are intransparent. It can happen your car got hit, you´re having a green frontwing in the HUD but the car loses a lot of downforce and Jeff is telling you: Yeah you gut minor damage on the frontwing. This is really annoying  and in addition the effects resulting of a damage must be tweaked. In 2017 you need to pit with every damage, b/c loosing too much time.

In F1 2016 this was much more transparent and even with a yellow frontwing you where able to compete. Further more it is strange while running a „1“-frongwing and getting minor damage the car is almost 1 second slower.

1.6   Better detection of corner cutting and implementing fairness rating system
Concerning corner cutting it is very unreal that only the carposition seems necessary as information. Not in concideration i staken the possible time advantage by the corner cut. In addition is the dection of corner cuts not correct on some tracks spain, mexico, russia. And in real F1 drivers much less getting penalties for leaving the track.
Concidering public lobbys and playing online in general a fariness rating system (like I-racing) seems highly needed, so the crashtrolls in public lobbys feel consequences destroying the race of fair and faster drivers. Or a feature to report someone driving extremly unfair.

Ahh talking about public lobbies: A time limit with a kick following, if a player is having a bad internet connection would be a real upgrade! Sometimes you spend more time in the loading screen than actually driving on track. This needs to be changed. There are countdown but if they extent nothing happens. And collecting points online also in custom lobbies and multiplayerchampionships!

2.       ERS-Simulation
ERS is now 4 years in Formula 1 and still not implementated in the game. It is time to add the managemant of the MGU-H; MGU-K. This would add a lot of tactical tension and Assetto Corsa has shown that it is possible! So take it! Even though update the HUD in the stearing wheel! Let is seem more realistic!

Concerning it could be to difficult for casual drivers, implement an „easy“ and „advanced“ modus for F1, like TrainSim has it for years! 😉 Or implement it as driving assistant, but this assist can´t be faster than managing ERS by the player. Like „linar“ modus in Assetto Corsa.

3.       Grip level / physics and damage modell
Like in F1 2016 everything besids wheels, frontwing and suspension, the back of the car seems indestroyable. This is unreals. The consequences for diffusior underbody, transmission and rear wing needs to be simulated.

Concerning Grip level and physics please upgrade the chance to 3rd gear and the grip on curbs. Still not enough.

Last but not least a wish:

Online Championship with wear on Powerunit and Transmission
I would really enjoy an online championship mode with wear on the Powerunit and Transmission over a hole season! This would lead to a different handling oft he wear and you can´t go every race flat down, using the rich mix most of the time! Racing would get more realistic!


Yeah thats all. Thank´s for reading!

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  • NickDahyNickDahy Member Pit Crew
    I think that is pretty much the perfect wish list.  Lets see how much we can get off of it.  Great write up!
  • Akkan74Akkan74 Member Wheel Nut
    Yep, great thoughts. But i think it‘s to late  for 2018. From now on we can make our lists for 2019 season. 
  • haydn23haydn23 Member Team Principal
    I don't think 1.5 onwards in multiplayer specific. I think alot of them should really be in the game as they have been requested so much and they are so important for the playability and enjoyment of the game. Another feature I think is necessary is the feature to do league race practice on your own. So you can simulate online circumstances with online car performance in a quali and race.
    Steam: Haydn02  Xbox: Sid3ways Nismo PSN: Jenbut21 Twitter: @SidewaysNismo Uplay: H4ydn02
  • robin8frobin8f Member Wheel Nut
    - harsher contact model, with the current contact model it is divebombs galore, if the contact model would be harsher then people wouldn't try such unrealistic moves from very far away  
    - opportunities to practice for league races, by either allowing people to do an online session on their own or allowing a 'online equal cars' setting for grand prix mode. Currently it's not possible to practice in the same conditions of league races unless you have a friend who wants to do an online race with you, which is not often the case.
  • jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager
    Hey @Far1an, thanks for putting this list together!
  • JaketaJaketa Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    edited May 2018
    Really nice mate! Summed up perfect and couldn’t agree more - especially your first two points. ERS is something that I already had written here before F1 2016 came out.

    To SC: We had to turn the SC off midseason in our league because it was impossible with this bug. Same thing with rejoining. We banned that because it did so many problems.

    I really hope that we will get a game like F1 2016 was after the last patches in online. It was really reliable. But in F1 2017 some bugs came back.

    You mention the most important things, but there are small things that are really annoing too and they were already fixed in 2016.


    - When players leave a lobby, their names disappear and are replaced by AI-Driver names. Really annoying, especially when you drive with a full lobby in a league

    - LONGER Qualifying!
    Short Qualifying should definitely be as long as the first session (17 minutes). 12 Minutes are far to short, especially when the track is longer. You have to go out, make your lap, come in and have immediately get out again. You can’t watch the other drivers from TV or look at their times because you have no time. That was a big problem to be honest. There should be at least a option where we can set the Qualifiying time from 12 to 17 minutes. 

    robin8f said:
    - opportunities to practice for league races, by either allowing people to do an online session on their own or allowing a 'online equal cars' setting for grand prix mode. Currently it's not possible to practice in the same conditions of league races unless you have a friend who wants to do an online race with you, which is not often the case.
    That is possible. You have to open a lobby, set practice session and start. I do it often before our league races. Only Qualifying and race aren’t possible alone.

    -League racer since 2011 -  PRL Xbox F1 Esports League

  • Far1anFar1an Member Unleaded
    So, watching the first trailer of Gameplay I can conclude:

    2. ERS-Simulation: check! :smile:

    That is really making me happy right now.

  • Hawkeye407Hawkeye407 Member Wheel Nut
    I just want Codemasters to play the game before they ship it. Then they might actually see the bugs before it his customers.
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