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Hello drivers! You can also read this announcement on our blog here.

It’s here – the first gameplay footage of F1 2018, the official videogame of the 2018 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, has arrived! We’re getting ready for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix with Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team’s Charles Leclerc driving a lap of his home track, the iconic Circuit de Monaco. Check out Charles’s hot lap at youtube.com/formula1game, or watch it below:

Showcasing F1 2018’s enhanced visuals the trailer takes us on a lap of Monaco narrated by the 20 year old Monégasque Sauber driver, who was filmed playing the new game in Baku, Azerbaijan recently, and who is also a keen gamer. You might have noticed F1 Franchise Director Paul Jeal, was in Baku around the time of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and this is a flavour of what we were getting up to...

Speaking about F1 2018, Charles said: “I love playing the F1 game! As soon as I get out of the car, I miss racing. So, when I am back home, I play for fun. This is the closest I can get to driving a Formula 1® car outside of the track, so it is always very enjoyable to play.”

On the recreation of Monaco in F1 2018 Charles added: “First of all, I was amazed at how realistic the scenery was. Being born in Monaco, I know the circuit very well. Well done for visualising the track so nicely in the game. My favourite part is the last sector because there is a great rhythm to the drive there.”

There’s a few things the more observant of you will have noticed, one of which is the visuals, and we sat down with Stuart Campbell, the new Art Director on F1 2018: “One of the biggest visual uplifts for F1 2018 are our revised lighting, sky, clouds and atmospherics systems. These systems work hand-in-hand and affect all aspects of the game rendering, making it more believable than ever before. Our new cloud tech more accurately represents the real world with improved cloud formations and response to light through the various weather scenarios that are a huge part of F1. Even on a clear day, the sky looks interesting with high level cloud detail and jet trails, while the new atmospherics system gives a true sense of depth in the scene and connects the sky and terrain in a more cohesive manner, making for some stunning vistas.”

For those of you who are extremely eagle-eyed, there’s something in the trailer you might have noticed: one of several key improvements to the car physics system for this year – player managed Energy Recovery System (ERS). We’re very excited with this inclusion, so, of course, we had to chat to Game Director on the F1 Games, Lee Mather about it: “The inclusion of a player-managed Energy Recovery System (ERS) has been added to vehicle physics for F1 2018 as we always strive to give as authentic recreation of the sport as possible. Augmenting the powerful internal combustion engine, the player will have multiple deployment modes to choose from. The inclusion of the ERS will not only give the player an even more authentic Formula 1 experience, but will serve to create even more varied and exciting races”.

Player-managed ERS and a strong visual uplift aren’t the only features and improvements we have up our sleeves for F1 2018 – there’s more classic cars for you to drive, and Career mode has been expanded to immerse you even further into the world of Formula 1. F1 2018 will feature all of the official drivers, teams and circuits from the enthralling 2018 season.

We’ll have more F1 2018 headlines soon, including the reveal of the classic cars, which have been selected from community feedback. Make sure you keep it here for all the headlines, and keep up to date with social channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the latest news on F1 2018.




  • martblokemartbloke Member Co-Driver
    Ah so it was the ERS bars I saw on the steering wheel!
  • EncarniaEncarnia Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    edited May 2018

    The inclusion of a player managed ERS is something that will be a nice feature to have and should enhance some of the racing to be more realistic. Very good to see that added.

    Very curious what other new features there are. But this is a pretty good start. I still wish the focus was more on classic tracks than classic cars. Since classic tracks bring more gameplay value imho. Though I understand a single car is an easier assett to make then a full track.

  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Champion
    edited May 2018
    Looks very promesing, and we get ERS. Hopefully the usage of ERS will be implemented in a way we don't run out of the already few buttons we have on the XB1. One thing to stripe of the wishlist. I bet this will persuade some to preorder afterall :D

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    Max Verstappen

  • JohnyliveroJohnylivero Member New Car Smell
    To me it looks a lot like F1 2017 at first sight. Chicane after swimming pool (turn 16) kerbs are different though so that's something. :D

    Seriously, it does look nice, ERS is a great addition and I hope we get a lot more information on the wheel itself. Also, halo doesn't look that bad.
  • Bakimaster91Bakimaster91 Member New Car Smell
    They fixed the look of the square-looking tyres! YAY! For all of the people saying last year that the tyres were all right - look at them at this trailer and compare with F1 2017 footage... Also I hope the steering wheel model is only a placeholder as Sauber-Alfa Romeo C35 does not have such a wheel...
  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    Looks very promising indeed. Two big things for me were the visuals and engine sounds, and now ERS as well?!  Awesome stuff :)

    ...only one minor gripe is that we didn’t see any cockpit view footage but I’m sure we will very soon 
  • F1ITACommunityF1ITACommunity Member Wheel Nut
    Wow, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! ! ! 
    Can't wait! Good job Codies.
  • massa88massa88 Member Wheel Nut
    cool i hardly wait for this game                                                      
  • WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Champion
    Great to see some first footage, really excited about the inclusion of ERS! Looking forward to seeing more of the game.
  • speeddemon8021speeddemon8021 Member Team Principal
    Just what we all wanted better clouds! INB4 ERS is broken by the way 
  • UKDarkPredatorUKDarkPredator Member Unleaded
    edited May 2018
    Seriously said:
    Absolutly BRILLIANT. Engine Sound seems to be spot on. Utterly brilliant. Can't even describe it in words and oh my god. My eyes are telling lies, isn't it?! :O ERS. Guys, I seriously can't wait. Great news, looking forward to it.

    Now it just must work brilliant and the multiplayer aswell ;)
    Alright calm down. No need to **** everywhere
  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Petrol Head
    As I said on other thread: They've always looked a bit pasted-on. I guess Codemasters save processing power on the bits you generally can't see from the car, but on replays it does look a bit out of place.
  • Ujhelyi91Ujhelyi91 Member Wheel Nut
    I'm more excited for fixes like AI not starting an out lap with 10 seconds left in a session and parking it on the apex
  • liveTOwinliveTOwin Member Petrol Head
    edited May 2018
    I dont understand why do they always make the steering wheels so small. By the way it's not the original one.
    Thanks god they fixed the tyre size a little bit.
  • ChromaticChromatic Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    edited May 2018
    Can Ball Jeal confirm the online will be stable and bug free?? Maybe I'm asking for much??

    How many different racing lines will you take 

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