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F1 2017 Time Trial Leader Board issue Xbox One

eitcheitch Member New Car Smell
New times are not being registered on time trials (only old ones under friends)...
Also under the global leader board, it shows me as someone else...

Any suggestion as to fix this would be appreciated



  • Dman944Dman944 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 1
    Cannot comment on the OP, but in my case I was listed as number 1 and I was 6 seconds off the fastest time. Actually I was tied for 1st yet the times were so far off. 
    Retired club racer,so I took up Sim racing to fill the void. I can now enjoy Martini's while driving at break neck speeds and not care when I place P20!
  • eitcheitch Member New Car Smell
    seems to have sorted itself out - could either be the fact that i left a group or put in a call to codemasters (gave them my email addrerss) or it just fixed itself
  • ACarlosCAACarlosCA Member New Car Smell
    The same happened with me at China, I was using no assists and set a 1:32.1 a few days ago but my lap did not save and I previously didn't have a lap around China. It was literally the perfect lap and only 1second off the world record and for some reason the game did not save it. I am quite annoyed since I would have been high up on the leaderboards. 
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