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G-Force f1 PS4 league looking for drivers and commentators for wednesday evening for 8pm or 8:30pm

callum853melcallum853mel Member New Car Smell
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This is our first season if you are looking to be a commentator then please email me by the email at the bottom of this page I am currently looking for someone who can make races at 8pm or 8:30pm as we start later if more drivers can make it later if we can get more for 8pm we start at the suited time for everyone. We would also like you to interview some of the drivers at the end of the race as it would make it more realistic and more interesting for some people watching or the drivers racing. It doesn't matter what your connection is like just as long as you are capable of streaming the race on our youtube channel or your own. Again if you would like to commentate for us please go to the email bellow and contact me by the email given.
If you would like to drive for the league it doesn't mater what quality you are nor if your new to the game or if you use assists it doesn't matter. At some point we hope to get enough drivers to make more leagues and expand the G-Force community. Races start at 8pm or 8:30pm Wednesday evening and we have just currently completed round 2 of the championship. 
I may have not answered all your questions so if you have some please ask the email bellow and I will be more than happy to answer them.
To contact me go to the G-Force email: [email protected]
when contacting my email please title the subject as:
driver application 
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  • rossa4everrossa4ever Member New Car Smell
    Hey there
    What's the required level and what aids are going to be applied

    Thanks :smile:
  • callum853melcallum853mel Member New Car Smell
    There is No required level and any aids you want
  • PrivatePinchPrivatePinch Member New Car Smell
    What time zone are you in, i am interested in commentating 
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