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ONRUSH | v1.02 [PS4 & Xbox] - Found a bug? Post it here!



  • RakonexRakonex Member New Car Smell
    Cant see ranked progress after match. 
    Ive seen other peoples screenshots show at the end of a ranked match their rank and progress. It kinda just freezes up and after a while it unfreezes and says network error and i have to restart the game to get back in.
  • Pakystano11Pakystano11 Member New Car Smell
    hello, I can not help you, but I encounter a serious problem with onrush, the games say not online makes me play, but the classified no, I can also wait two hours remains always in the search screen game .. if I can after some load photos, ... my friends are able to play, when they invite me I can also enter their lobby but when he looks for a game he only enters them and I stay there in the lobby ... I tried to eliminate everything and re-download it or try to restore the licenses but nothing the game does not make, it's a torment to see that others can play and you do not, the sony gives games do not even run games, for me this is not a gift but a scam in all respects, now there are 7 days I try to enter and see various things, but nothing to do, the only thing to do and uninstall the game and nob download it most seen the situation in which it is found. PS4
  • JasonsatanfaceJasonsatanface Member New Car Smell
    I'm not even sure if this post will be read, but after the extensive online research I've done about the broken ranking system I kinda doubt anything would be done anyway. That being said, I've made my way to platinum jack 1 on the current season ans something funny started happening. All of a sudden none of my wins progress my ranking at all and now even the silliest little 1/4 of a losing game I may be forced to play when I enter a lobby reduces my rank at the inevitable loss. 

    So I'm back down to Gold ace 6. And I can't play quickmatch. Sad to say I wont be playing anymore online features as all my hard work doesn't seem to pay off at all.

    Sucks cuz I considered myself to be quite good at this game. But if I can't rank up anymore after being an mvp on overdrive with a score of 12000 then why bother.
  • App13533dApp13533d Member New Car Smell
    @Jasonsatanface in my experience with this & the previous Ranked season, the only way you can retain a Platinum Ace ranking is to only play in sessions with other Platinum ranked players. I find that at least Platinum ranked players can carry the rest of a average team to regular victories against an average opposition.
  • MatiBlasterMatiBlaster Member New Car Smell
    Two days ago I started to have Match Ended glitch
  • RubytronRubytron Member New Car Smell
    Joining a match that has ended on ps4, takes you back to the countdown for joining the match but doesn't have any countdown what so ever and freezes the game. So am having to close the game Everytime this happens in order to fix the issue. Can you look at this as it's really putting me off the game.
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