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UDP Telemetry question: Speed fields


I'm trying to write my own UDP-Telemetry-App for F1 2017 and it's working fine so far. I get all the data from the UDP-Packets.

However, the m_Speed-Field (and also the wheel-Speeds) seem to be off by a factor of 2.25 (meaning. I have to multiply them by roughly 2.25 to get the correct values and then by another 1.6092 to get the KPH-Speeds.
What is the reason for that undocumented factor? Is that by design or am I doing something wrong? What is the exact reason for that factor?

Thanks in advance,


  • LetMeThrashULetMeThrashU Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 5
    This is because that field is actually in meters per second. To convert to MPH, you would do speed*(3600/1609.344). For KPH it would be speed*(3600/1000).

    For a more detailed explanation check out this link: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-convert-m-s-to-mph
  • KalanndokKalanndok Member New Car Smell
    Thanks for the hint. MetersPerSecond to MilesPerHour seems to be exactly the factor (2.237136...as I said...2.25 is rough)

    Documentation says MPH, though:
    float m_speed; // Speed of car in MPH

  • LetMeThrashULetMeThrashU Member Wheel Nut
    I know it says MPH, that caught me out before until I released it seemed to be so low. Remembered from my physics class that speed is measured in meters per second. I have edited the previous post to show the calculation you need to do along with a link for more explanation.
  • KalanndokKalanndok Member New Car Smell
    Calculation is not the problem, I figured that out already :)

    The Pitspeed-Limit-Field is actually Miles per hour, so I need to differenziate between the speed-fields. Wheel-Speed is also Meters per second.
  • LetMeThrashULetMeThrashU Member Wheel Nut
    Glad you have it sorted. Itll be nice if codemasters could update that for F1 2018. Ill ask them to change it as a suggestion in the beta thread when it is ready. 
  • ExSerCOExSerCO Member New Car Smell
    Hello Kalanndok.
    I look forward to this.
    Can your telemetry use the information of the PS4 or is it only pc?
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