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F1 2017 game freezing every half lap for 2-3 seconds even though using gtx 1070

Turn1SeagullTurn1Seagull Member Wheel Nut
I found the game freezing every half lap for about 2-3 seconds. Then I noticed in the task manager the gpu is constantly at 99%+. I changed v sync settings from off to on, decreased the resolution from 1440p to 1080P and it still stays at 99% usage.

Update: I understand that high GPU usage is normal but if the usage of the 1070 is high it shouldn't be freezing all of the time for a few seconds. Other games aren't freezing like this


  • kraM1tkraM1t Member Co-Driver
    Make sure your pre-rendered frames in Nvidia Control Panel is on Let 3D application decide, using 1 or 2 makes the game stutter.

    Check CPU/GPU temps @ Load using MSI Afterburner.
    Check clock speeds are at the correct values @ Load

    99% GPU usage is fine if you're running uncapped framerate, if you enable V-Sync and hit your 60fps target, the GPU usage will drop below 99% as you're no longer bottlenecked by the GPU and reaching your target framerate.

    If your monitor is 144hz or higher, enabling V-Sync won't make GPU usage drop below 99% as you probably aren't hitting 144fps consistently so the GPU is still under full load trying to get there, this causes stuttering.

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