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Problem with Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia - Dead Zone in F1 2017

My name is Matias and I am writing from Argentina. Two years ago, I bought a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel which is working well in several games including F1 2013. However, when I am on track, the steering wheel has a dead zone (approximately 20 degrees on the left and 20º to the opposite side). Pedals are Ok. I checked the settings and the dead zones were in 0%. Is there any report about this problem? What can I do?   
Also, I installed the Microsoft PC/Xbox drivers but I couldn't fix the situation.
The Thrustmaster support area told me that the problem is the game.
Thanks for reading this message.
Best regards.


  • tillo1234tillo1234 Member New Car Smell
    do you have found a solution ?
    I have the same problem in F1 2018..

    Thank You
  • alialoalialo Member New Car Smell
    edited September 13
    You're wheel is turning a dial inside called a "potentiometer" a bit like a volume dial used for stereos. A temporary fix to try is turning the wheel all the way left then right really quickly. This sometimes clears away any built up dirt causing the problem. In my case it had to be taken out and spray cleaned with a evaporating degreaser. It was fine after for around 4 months but the problem was back so just see 

    Plex lucky Patcher Kodi
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  • tillo1234tillo1234 Member New Car Smell
    but in control panel of windows the wheel work perfectly.. after only one degree, on control panel test the cross it moves.. instead on game setting in calibrate no movement up to 10/15degrees appears

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