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Here for a good time, not a long time | Codemasters Blog

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imageHere for a good time, not a long time | Codemasters Blog

Hi everyone, it is with a heavy heart that I come to you with some difficult news. Tomorrow marks my last day in the Codies Racing Studio as I am moving overseas with my family to embark on new adventures.

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  • WR4ITH66WR4ITH66 Member New Car Smell
    OK i may not be around much but when you get a twitter about the above, felt like i just had my heart ripped out of my chest within a few lines so gutted, but like said on twitter nothink is writing in stone apart from friendship, no matter where Mr P_Dirt CM goes his real friends will be with him always, i am so glad to have gamed on the games Paul Coleman as made that made me love Motorsport so much, but CM also made me make projects in other games with mods/skins/maps to my best level based on Rallying, without Paul and CM team i do not think my drive would have been as strong. to that note i like to say HUGE THANKS "Paul" good luck for the future
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