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I still have audio stutters in F1 2017

Bought this game on release and everything worked fine. But then a patch introduced audio stutters. Took a long break and they are still there, even in the main menu. Help?

What I've tried so far:
Verifying game files
switching to the nvidia game profile
fullscreen vs borderless mode
Ingame options: stereo speakers vs headphones
Switching process priority
Playing audio on the monitor (through hdmi)

I'm on a Ryzen 1600
Nvidia Geforce 1070 TI
Soundcard is a Asus Xonar U3


  • QuiaceQuiace Member New Car Smell
    Same here, it just seems to be getting worse. Yes, even in the main menu as well. No information anywhere.
    Any help codies?
  • MrGhostO1OMrGhostO1O Member Co-Driver
    edited June 13
    Right click on the sound icon at the far right of the Windows task bar and select Sounds.
    Then, under the Playback tab, double-click on the device that you currently use and switch to the Advanced tab.

    Select the highest possible frequency that your device allows in the Default Format dropdown menu.
    If "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" is checked, uncheck it.
  • QuiaceQuiace Member New Car Smell
    Thank you, but no luck :(

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  • sonarnetsonarnet Member New Car Smell
    Sadly, it doesn't work for me either.   

  • MrGhostO1OMrGhostO1O Member Co-Driver
    Try to go through the different frequencies and testing them ingame.


    Apart from that, maybe a clean reinstall?
    I know it sucks but reinstallations do work wonders.

    I do not know wether F1 2017 supports it or not but make sure to enable the cloud synchronization in your Steam settings under Cloud. Then go into the F1 2017 game Properties in the Steam Library and under Updates enable the cloud synchronization.

    If F1 2017 supports cloud synchronization, then your career savegames and profiles should be stored online for you to redownload them when reinstalling the game on this or other systems. Again that is IF it supports it.
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