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Limiting class selection

ThaFeverThaFever Member New Car Smell
Tonight during multiplayer a lot of rounds had class limitations for some reason? Anyone else have that problem? 


  • PoppaNicklesPoppaNickles Member New Car Smell
    They haven't responded and it's still that way for me so I'd have to assume it's a "feature" and not a bug. I'm hoping once ranked comes out we can get away from the forced pick garbage. 
  • ThaFeverThaFever Member New Car Smell
    Hopefully. I'm not a fan. I still play since it's early and I love the game, but it's a bit frustrating being limited. 
  • PoppaNicklesPoppaNickles Member New Car Smell
    I'm not sure if this is meant to happen, but I've also noticed that the point in lockdown has been draining me of boost. Which means I can't keep up with it if I fall behind even slightly. 
  • ThaFeverThaFever Member New Car Smell
    I haven't noticed that i don't think. I do know that the enforcer temporarily disables boost if he hits you. With the truck popularity in that mode could that have something to do with it? 
  • TheKazzyMacTheKazzyMac Member Wheel Nut
    Losing boost in Lockdown isn't a bug, it's intended. I've seen it happen in singleplayer, it's intended to make it difficult for you to lone-wolf and chain zones and makes it easier for the other team to catch up. At least that's what I gather. I'm just a driver :V
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  • ThaFeverThaFever Member New Car Smell
     Ah, gotcha, that's actually prety cool then. I've never noticed i guess. 
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