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Non Team Mode wanted

cain999cain999 Member New Car Smell
On Rush is a brilliant game but when I saw it was always team based and no race mode I was a little disappointed. I think it would be really good if there was an option to play as individuals rather than teams. The count down mode would be brilliant if every player started with 30 seconds and it was last man standing that won the race. Are there any plans for an individual race mode?


  • SPiiKESPiiKE Member New Car Smell
    I like this idea , there is an obvious name for it  B)  ON RUSH BATTLE ROYAL B)
  • blackxinoblackxino Member New Car Smell
    or also called Deathmatch mode.
    just like Overwatch having deathmatch which killed the purpose of team-play, whereas everyone just picks the attack characters.
    just like this game will also be pointless if it has deathmatch mode because the car that drops powerups will be pointless, or Titan providing shield to team mate.

    so without team mates, how will they work with their abilities?
  • Jay84Jay84 Member New Car Smell
    Id like to see new team colors to im so sick of orange and blue being this generations obsession, how about adding Red and Green? This game isn't OVERWATCH. 
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